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We’ve captured our most frequently asked questions here to help parents of players who are already registered with the club or looking to register.


Q. Which age groups currently have availability for new players?

A. We’re always looking to welcome new players, but you may find some of our teams / age groups are full and we’ll add you to our waiting list. Simply fill in this form ( ) and a member of the club will be in touch.


Q. How do the age groups work?

A. Your child’s age at midnight on 31st August for that coming season determines what age group they play in. If they are 6 years old on this date, they would play in U7’s that coming season (i.e. year 2 at primary school). If they are 7 years old on this date, they would play in U8’s that coming season (i.e. year 3 at primary school) and so on.


Q. At what age can my child play competitive football?

A. FA Regulations prohibit competitive football until U7’s. But for younger children we run a weekly U6 football training session focussing on technical and skills based training - and lots of fun! This is mainly aimed at children who are in year 1 at primary school. Our newly formed “Wildcats” sessions are another option for girls aged 5-11 to get involved in football in a fun way.


Q. How do I register my child with the club?

A. We’re delighted that we have moved to an online registration process with effect from the 2021/22 season. Once it’s been confirmed there’s a space for your child, we’ll share the link and instructions for you to follow to set up their club membership.


Q. How much is the club membership?

A. The full season membership for all age groups (excluding U6’s) is £188. This is made up of £80 which covers league registration (which must be paid in full up front). Then the remaining £108 membership can either be paid in full or in 9 x £12 monthly payments. If you have more than one child who plays for the club, we do offer discounted sibling rates where membership is reduced by 50% on the £108 for younger siblings, where the eldest sibling is paying the full membership rate.

Our U6 age group do not pay a league registration fee and their membership is £54 which again can be paid in full or in 9 x £6 monthly payments.

For those who join the club after the start of the season, the £80 which covers league registration must still be paid in full up front, but the remaining membership will be based on the how many months of the season remaining.


Q. Where can I buy NMJFC training gear from?

A. You can buy direct from our club shop here ( ). If your child already plays for one of our teams, it’s well worth speaking to their manager / coach for the specific requirement or latest update for that team.


Q. What’s the best way for me to stay up to date with club news?

A. As a club, we are active on the main social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) where we share key club updates, upcoming home fixtures and match reports covering all of our age groups. We also send out monthly newsletters to parents where we promote the latest club news and events.


Q. What happens if I need to cancel my direct debit instruction for payment of club membership?

A. The child’s membership would be put on hold. Your child will not be able to train or play matches until payments are brought up to date and outstanding monies paid in full to the club.


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Updated September 2023

We’ve captured our most frequently asked questions here to help our coaches, so we are consistent and transparent as a football club.

Q. How do I move my training slot or book time on one of our pitches?

A. Our club secretary manages the diary covering all training slots and matches that take place at Ollersett and the Rec. You must contact Jo directly at and she will confirm if your request can be agreed

Q. How can I order new equipment for my team?

A. We’ve recently sorted through the storage at both Ollersett and the Rec to understand what training equipment we have as a club. There should be sufficient equipment at both sites to support you to deliver your training sessions – our ask is that you return the equipment after your session so they can be used by other coaches. If you require new equipment (e.g. footballs, bibs etc), this can be requested via the LoveAdmin app. Requests will be reviewed by the Committee and decisions communicated back directly to the coach who made the request

Q. Is our matchday kit and training wear supplier changing?

A. With effect from September 2022, we will be using SK Kits as our exclusive supplier of matchday kits and training wear. No other supplier must be used to source NMJFC training wear

Q. How can I see what training wear is available?

A. The new online club shop is available on the NMJFC website – just click here.

Q. How can I order training wear items?

A. Simple! We’ve added an order form onto the club website for coaches to use for bulk orders for their team – just *click here”. If you’ve secured a sponsor, please also include a file or image of the sponsors name or logo that you want printing on the training gear. Please note this image must be an editable Adobe Illustrator Vector file (.ai or .eps). When you’ve completed the order form, email it to Mark Newman at

Q. How does the payment process work?

A. If you’ve found a sponsor to cover the cost of the training gear, include their details on the order form and we’ll send them an invoice so they can pay directly. If you are covering costs, then we’ll confirm the cost of your order and you’ll pay directly

Q. Are there any rules on what I can order?

A. Yes there a few you need to be aware of:

1. All items on the online club shop can be ordered by anyone (parents / general public etc) in single items

2. For bulk orders, coaches must use the order form

3. The minimum for bulk orders is 10 items

4. The 10 training wear items have to be the same item. So if a coach wants order 11 items, 9 round neck training t-shirts and 2 polo t-shirts, this won’t be accepted

5. The only exception to the above are the hats and baseball caps. They cannot be ordered in single items which is why they are not on the online club shop. They are only on the coaches order form and both hats and caps have a minimum bulk order of 8 per same item – not minimum order of 10 like the rest of the training wear range. Again, these 8 items need to be the same item (i.e. minimum 8 hats or 8 caps – you cannot order 4 hats and 4 caps to meet the minimum number of 8)

6. There is no charge for having a sponsor’s name and logo printed on the front of a training top. But there is a £3 charge per item for any sponsorship required on the back of a training top

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. Moving to our new supplier, the turnaround time will be a lot quicker with most orders delivered within 3 weeks from being ordered. During busy periods (e.g. pre-season) orders may take up to 6 weeks – but you’ll be notified if this is the case

Q. What if parents want to order individual items?

A. As mentioned above, that’s absolutely fine! Just point them to the online club shop on the NMJFC website and they can order directly from there

Q. If I’ve got a sponsor, what else can we do to promote them?

A. When we’ve got the sponsor’s name or logo, we’ll add them to our ‘Sponsors’ page on the club website. We’ll also ask you to send us a photo of your team wearing their new sponsored training wear and we will promote this via the club’s social media channels, thanking them for their support. We will also give them the opportunity to sponsor or donate at the club fundraising events such as the Annual Race Night

Q. What’s the best way to get in touch with other NMJFC coaches?

A. For visibility, all of our coaches are highlighted in the ‘volunteers’ section on the club website. As a club Committee we frequently send out emails to coaches so important messages are communicated consistently. We also have a secure WhatsApp group so all of our coaches can stay in touch. This is used for any urgent messages on pitches, training slots or to share useful coaching information. If you need to be added to this group, please contact our Parent and Coach Liaison Officer

Q. How can I request further support or raise any issues?

A. As a first point of contact please contact our Parent and Coach Liaison Officer who will be able to advise you on next steps

Q. How can I add something to the NMJFC Committee agenda?

A. Please contact our Parent and Coach Liaison Officer by the 1st of each month to ensure it is included in the Committee agenda for that month

Q. What are the differences between coaching and a parent helping?

A.To clarify, any club coach, manager or assistant MUST have:

  • In date Safeguarding Children Workshop OR Safeguarding Children Course OR Safeguarding For All

  • In date First Aid Course OR Cardiac Arrest and Concussion

  • Valid FA DBS

  • Signed Club Code of Conduct


A parent helper MUST have:

  • Valid FA DBS

  • Safeguarding For All

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Concussion

  • Signed Club Code of Conduct

For more info, please see the FA booklet which has lots more useful information


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