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Mental Health Wellbeing Policy



Everyone’s mental health is important however 1 in 6 British workers experience mental illnesses over a course of a year, this concludes to a total of 91 million days’ sick per day and a cost of £26bn of costs. In Derbyshire 95 people died by suicide in 2018 where 68% of these where men with the highest age group being 40-49. In a sporting context example 6.25million men participated in football last year (including professional players), 22% of these known professional players required counselling for anxiety and depression. A further 32 men then needed the help from the charity Back on Side from taking their own life and in the Hope Valley league in Derbyshire 6 men have taken their own life since February 2020. 

Sport has been seen to have a strong impact and link to mental health it is has been shown to improve confidence and self-esteem as well as reducing anxiety and depression. 8 out of 100 people suffer from both anxiety and depression, with athletes being one of the highest groups that don’t speak out due to stigma and perception it will affect their performance and show weakness. 

This policy will allow everyone to feel they can open up about their mental health and get the right support early to allow them to have a speedy recovery. 


Scope of the Policy/Policy Statement

New Mills Juniors Football club recognises the importance of good mental health to all participants, volunteers, members and parents. 

We aim to facilitate an environment which promotes positive mental wellbeing as a preventative mechanism through support, training and robust risk assessment. If members develop poor mental health during their time with the club, we shall endeavour to support that individual through appropriate channels.  We will not tolerate stigma or discrimination of any kind and we will hold in confidence any information shared unless it pertains the safety of any members of the club at which time the information must be shared under data protection and child protection legislation.


Aims and Objective 


  • To create an environment which promotes positive mental wellbeing

  • Ensure the mental wellbeing of all members of the club is supported to their appropriate needs

  • Evaluate the mental wellbeing policy 



To develop a supportive positive culture, tackling discrimination and to develop the skills of the mental wellbeing team

  • Reduce discrimination and stigma by increasing awareness and understanding of good mental health

  • Deliver on the Mental Health Action Plan

  • Give non-judgemental support if member is experiencing mental health problems

  • Provide opportunities for members to look after their mental health eg through social events and play for fun sessions

  • To Ensure that individual wellbeing team members have a trusted person to offload too

  • Ensure that the team is free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and racism

  • Share policy is distributed to all members of the club

To provide support for members experiencing mental health difficulties

  • Signpost members experiencing mental distress to relevant statutory and voluntary organisations for support.

  • Ensure that members experiencing mental distress are treated fairly.

  • Confidentiality must be adhered to unless there is a safeguarding concern.

Responsibility of Wellbeing Team

  • Deliver on the action plan with a focus on ensuring adequate training and personal development

  • To ensure that there is strong communication and a identified route to accessing help for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties

  • Duty to comply with the policy



All members to be made aware of the mental wellbeing policy and the key contact points within the organisation. 

This policy therefore links with the safeguarding and welfare policy. 



This policy will be reviewed annually, and members may be asked for their input to see how they can develop their mental wellbeing knowledge and support within the club. Along with evaluation reports to be made on how the club feels the year has gone. 


Review date: October 2024

Date: 1st September 2023

Signed: Mark Newman (Welfare Officer NMJFC)

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