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Match report NMJFC Under 12s girls - 18/02/23

Match report NMJFC Under 12s girls - 18/02/23

Stockport County Vs NMJFC u12 Girls

By far the best game the Mini Millers have played for a long time. Part of training has been working on resilience, the mental battle and that showed today! Said it before, when we play the attacking game, they showcase just what they’re made of. 

Brooke, our captain today, dropping into right back and playing some fantastic balls, straight through for the midfield to get on the end of, with pushing up high for Jay & Nieve to keep the pressure on the mighty County.

We know only too well the main threat of the opposition and this player, amongst others, was closed down at every opportunity. 

Mention for Jay who played a sweeper style for the full game, covering players left to right and seeing out attackers! Determined and stood her ground.

You could sense the want in the New Mills side today and watching Ellie get a foot into every tackle and intercepting passes, her persistence came good and with a class corner from Brooke, she found the back of the net and as a team we held onto this lead up to the half time whistle.  

Second half, Stockport County came back strong and brought the score level. Not to be outdone, a wonderful goal from Freya B, looked up and with calm confidence sliced in a great shot from far right into the top left corner!

Again, County came back.  Freya B played Nayia on from way out and with pace, made the run, we held our breath as the defender caught up, a pressured shot on goal unfortunately to the hands of the keeper!

Scarlett doing a stint on the wing today & last few minutes of the game Nieve getting a little up front time was good to see.

Izzy improving each week and got a great couple of clearance kicks in.

Delilah brave in tackles and hunting down the ball.

More strong play by Freya L and was great to see back up from Ellie, Jaz out on left wing, Nayia & Freya B to give those important options in the box.

Last but not least our Ava bravely volunteered weeks ago to be our goalie today and what a fantastic job she did, us coaches lost count at 12 saved goals, coming out to meet players, superb goal kicks & such an understanding of the game, she covered those goals like an absolute pro!b

A couple more from the Stockport side but despite the result we will take today as a win. 

They ended the game happy; they gave it their all and their teamwork and ethic is to be applauded.

Personally, one of my favourite games to watch! 2 x POTM today because both more than deserve the accolade, Ellie & Ava.


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