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Match Report - 6th November 2022 - Tintwistle U8 Diamonds v NMJFC U8 Wasps

Match Report - 6th November 2022 - Tintwistle U8 Diamonds v NMJFC U8 Wasps


The Wasps returned to action after a short break from the league.  Captain for the day Jacob took care of proceedings in the middle, Frankie C finished his hot chocolate, “for extra energy,” and we were back underway against Tintwistle U8 Diamonds!


It was an entertaining and even game, with neither side prepared to give up on anything.  In the early exchanges James followed up on shots twice in succession to draw a triple save from the opposition goalkeeper! 


At the other end, when an absolute rocket of a shot was launched at the Wasps’ goal everyone expected the net to burst …everyone except first half goalkeeper Dylan, who not only saved the shot, but caught it! 👏


Early in the second half the Wasps opened their scoring with a run on goal under pressure and a neat pass between the goalkeeper’s legs – great thinking James ⚽!


Soon after, Dylan broke free at pace and placed a superb shot into the bottom corner – brilliant composure Dylan ⚽!


It was the FA Silent Support Weekend, with the parents and coaches using only applause during the game as encouragement - giving the players the space to make decisions for themselves and show how far they have come with their football development.


The Wasps did not disappoint.  The opposition were never allowed time on the ball, with every player making tackles and interceptions.  In possession the Wasps individually moved into any free space, allowing Brooke to repeatedly combine with those around her, keeping the passes flowing. 👏


As the opposition prepared to take a corner, another team’s coach from an adjacent pitch even came over to compliment the Wasps for their self-organisation:  Second half goalkeeper Frankie C was alert and ready, there was a defender on both the front and back posts, and the attacking players in the box were all being marked …danger cleared!  👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


A special mention is required for Sam. His midfield tenacity and pacy dribbling gets better and better each week, and he was unlucky at the end not to turn a powerful low driven corner into the net from close range! 👏


With a team who all play for each other, and give 100% from the first minute to the last, the NMJFC Player of the Match award is always a tough decision.  Dylan typifies this every week and was rewarded with the trophy 🏆 for the match highlights that he provided at both ends of the pitch!


A performance from them all to make everyone proud again. 

Well done Wasps!  👏 👏 👏 👏 👏👏

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