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Match Report NMJFC U11s v Richmond Rovers - 28/10/23


After last weeks performance the boys were definitely brought back down to earth this week. They faced a strong Richmond team who put us on the back foot from the kick off.

New Mills struggled to get their passing game going today.

Although under pressure the boys never gave up and kept battling to compete.

Oli C producing world class saves.

Leyton and Eddie along with the help of midfielders Bobby, Harry P, Tyler, Sam, Jamie and Leighton battled really hard to keep our team in the game and eventually New Mills started to keep the ball and pass the ball around midfield.

Even not playing their best, they started to develop into the game and push forward in an countering attacking style were very unlucky not score at the end of the first half, only to be denied by some fantastic goalkeeping by the Richmond goal keeper.

The second half became a lot more open with some fine attacking play from both teams.

New Mills again were very unlucky at times, not to get the finishing touch to some of the excellent passes and through balls from Harry P, Eddie and Jamie.

It was great to see Jamie back in action after a few weeks out with a broken arm. Some of our boys were really happy to see Remo appear for the last 10 minutes of the game. Remo had a extra long sleep in this morning, so was able to give some of the boys a rest. (Maybe a new alarm clock for Remo this Christmas!!!!!!!)

The ‘brain mat’ players of the match was Harry P and Eddie. Well done boys, you never stopped running and competing today.


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