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Match report NMJFC U9s - 30/1022

Match report NMJFC U9s - 30/1022

The Eagles knew this would be a tough game and was very well prepared.

First half

The game started with us trying to push out from the back but Chapel were all over us with the Eagles struggling to get out of their own half. They managed to hold the opposition back, fighting for every ball and were displaying some brilliant defending.

Well done Eagles 👏

Second half

With a change of formation to support the players at the back, the team decided to play a more defensive game, claiming every ball and managed to get a couple of shots on target.

They all played really well in this game with William, our goalkeeper making some amazing saves. 👏🏻

The team always adapts to changes in personnel. They all understand that coming off the pitch for fresher legs is part of the team game. They all coped fantastically and did extremely well in such a tough game.

Well done Eagles 🦅

Player of the match - Nathan did really well communicating to his team mates at the back. Nathen had a really busy game and coped really well under pressure. He kept his cool and did what we have asked him to do in understanding his position and gets on with it every week, great work 👏👏

Keep up the great work Eagles, you make the coaches proud every week. 👏🏻💪👏🏻


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