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Match Report NMJFC U9s vs Stockport Vikings – 13/04/2024

In a whirlwind of unexpected changes, our girls today embraced the challenge of facing Stockport Vikings (positioned in the league above us!) in a last-minute friendly after Glossop North End withdrew due to player shortages. What ensued was a gripping display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship that left parents and coaches on the edge of their seats!


Right from the kick-off, New Mills exhibited a fierce determination, with Ava guarding the net, Annabella and Millie fortifying the defence, and Ebony and Emily spearheading the attack. The girls demonstrated relentless energy, launching powerful assaults on the opposing goal while Ava showcased her prowess with a series of impressive saves.


The breakthrough came with a moment of brilliance from Annabella, whose well-timed tackle led to Millie's astute pass into midfield, setting up Emily for a sensational goal. Despite the difference in leagues, New Mills refused to be intimidated, matching Stockport Vikings blow for blow in midfield battles and demonstrating their mettle.


As the game progressed, substitutions injected fresh energy into the fray, with Seren making her mark with some dazzling runs and Agnes asserting her dominance with robust challenges. Paige, Ebony, and Emily kept the pressure on with a flurry of shots on target, narrowly missing the mark on several occasions.


The second half saw Ebony take her place between the posts, where she showed her agility with some crucial saves. Meanwhile, our POTW from last week, Ava, continued to mesmerize with her dribbling skills, effortlessly navigating through the opposition's defence. Despite some tough knocks, the girls remained resilient, refusing to let setbacks (or the rain for that matter!) dampen their spirits.


A moment of brilliance in the second half saw Paige unleash a thunderous strike into the back of the net, following a well-coordinated sequence involving Millie and Ava. Seren's strong performance earned her the well-deserved accolade of Player of the Match, as she exemplified the team's ethos of hard work and determination.


It was a fantastic game to be part of today. Our girls should hold their heads high, knowing that they gave their all and left everything on the field. Well done girls!


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