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Match Report Tintwistle U9 Diamonds VS New Mills U9 Wasps 15/10/23

What started off as a frosty morning was a glorious day by kickoff for this epic battle between two young teams.

Today we were missing our speedy legs Kai 🏃‍♂️and were supported by two wonderful team mates Ronan and Finley.

The ball was up and down the pitch for the whole game with some excellent passing coming from all players. The Wasps training was really starting to show in this game. 

Ronan 🔥was a position filler today he slotted in where required. He was great example to our defenders in the long ball passes. He was great at finding space for himself and for other teammates to. 

Rocco⚽️ had plenty more action this week not just in shots but actually running with the ball. He was hungry for the ball and even hungrier for goal 

Wingers Alfie and Dylan 🪽🪽were playing to a different standard today running up and down the pitch all game, taking control of the ball and dropping it in the box for more shots than we have taken all season. 

Finley ⚽️ took control of the centre of the pitch and really pushed the ball up to the oppositions goals. He’s fast, he’s fearless, he’s Finners. 

Our defenders stepped up a level again today, Jacob & Alexander 🧱🧱protecting the box and looking for a good clearance when the ball came into his possession.

Sam💪🏻the tackler for today he went in and won most of his tackles. Making his presence known and pushing the ball out to his team mates. 

But let’s not forget our hero in the net Frankie 🦸🏼‍♂️ with his cat like reflexes and a body he’s willing to sacrifice he saved 10 shots that were on target today.  

PoTM goes to Sam 🏆 this week. For understanding the assignment protecting his goal and pushing the ball up the pitch giving us more opportunity to attack.


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