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Match report NMJFC Under 11s girls - 20/03/22

New Mills Juniors U11 Girls Vs Cheadle & Gately A battle of a game between the Mini Millers and Cheadle on a windy, sunny morning.

The girls were ready and 30 seconds after the ref blew to start, the fast pace and opportunity seizing captain of the day, Freya L, flew through the middle of the defending team to push the ball across the line, leaving us wide mouthed on the sidelines! What a start.

With a good attacking mindset, they went after every ball and used the space to their advantage.

Lots of positives to take out of today’s game, some great defence work as a whole and our back two, Bella and Jay, making some very good decisions, great throw ins and putting pressure on the Cheadle front players, good work, some beautiful passing, Ava making some fantastic runs into space and Jaz constantly getting good balls forward but with Cheadle pushing hard we just couldn’t get through. Our centre mid Nayia had a fair few shots in the first half, nice volley too. We were unlucky not to score again, a corner for Cheadle and with some panic in the goalmouth from us, we were unfortunate not to go into half time ahead. Mention of Ava’s corner taking skills today, just brilliant! Lily again very brave in net all game, fearless. Second half in and we seemed to be sitting back, waiting for them to come to us but the work ethic of them all to battle hard and try to win it back was commendable. Freya L took another great corner for us which went through the keeper’s legs – smiles all ‘round! Cheadle fought hard for another goal and with tired legs all around the final whistle went. Girl of the match for us today was Jazmine, confident on the ball, into every tackle, moving the ball forward and totally unselfish play to help your team, you were determied for that assist, what a fantastic attitude you have! One more game in this group next week and onto our nemesis teams – can’t wait! These girls are full of self-belief, and so they should be, they support each other and are a joy to watch, bring it on. Caz. Manager u11s Girls.


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